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     Depending on your type of move, we offer flat rates or hourly rates. We will do our best to save you money by avoiding unnecessary services that do not apply to your specific needs. Your satisfaction is our priority as we aim for repeat business and referrals.

Are you looking for the best Movers in Nova, DC, MD? Tired of calling several different Nova, DC, MD Moving Companies and still wondering if your Moving needs will be met with movers that care? Are you wondering if the movers in Nova, DC, MD you are talking with have any hidden moving charges or extra fees? Then you've come to the right place for your Nova, DC, MD Movers.

We work hard to make sure that you get the Best Movers in Nova, DC, MD, because choosing the Best Movers can be a stressful chore. No matter where you are moving in Nova, DC, MD, we can and will handle the moving of your items with the best care and with movers that understand your needs. We also do background checks on all our Nova movers for your protection, which is required by the State of Virginia. Researching your Virginia Movers is still the best way to make sure that the DC Moving Company you have chosen has some of the best movers on your move here in Nova, DC, MD. If you are thinking of renting a moving truck(Budget, Penske, Uhaul) and hiring movers please consider the following,  First Class Movers can do a 1 to 2 bedroom apartment move in 2-3 hours as we provide you with the best movers.

A moving rental truck will cost you a minimum of $75.00 to $100.00 for your move, plus the moving labor, which have no movers insurance, plus the fuel that you used on your move, that you the customer have to replace before returning the moving truck. Plus, the time to pickup and drop off your moving truck and sometimes the movers that you hired to do the work. Most of the time the items you are moving are only protected if you get the "moving insurance" that the moving truck rental company sells you and that is while it is in your moving rental truck, as for the movers that provide the moving labor, they are not required to carry movers insurance by the State of Virginia as they do not have to register with them. Good Movers are hard to find in Nova, DC, MD, but when you do find a good Nova, DC, MD moving company, your move will be very smooth and seem to be stress free. There are very good Dallas movers out there as long as you the customers are taking the time to review the movers that you have chosen from the long list of movers here in Nova, DC, MD. Also you can go to our Home and Moving Resources page for more info and some videos on how to choose you movers in Nova, DC, MD. You can also search Movers Nova, DC, MD or Moving Company in your local search engine and find their reviews on most or all of the movers or moving companies you are looking at. Protecting yourself from local movers is to your benifit when it comes to your move.

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